Doc Johnson Double Ended Dildoe

double-dildoeDoc Johnson American Bombshell (£44)

This massive, thick, double endede dildoe is one huge dong.

You know what they used to say about the American soldiers in WW2? ‘Over Paid, Over Hung’, and Over Here’.

Now you can see just how bigger American dildoes are, with this bombshell of a sex toy!

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Tantus Max O2 Silicone Realistic Dildoe

tantus max 02Tantus Max O2 Dildoe (£46)

A simple but highly realistic silicone dildoe penis from Tantus.

8 inches of satisfyingly straight and hard erect penis for you to enjoy.

This penis shaped dildoe feels incredibly lifelike, being both rigid and soft, and is suitable for both vaginal and anal insertion.


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Jelly Anal Dildoe Prober

anal dildoe proberAnal Dildoe Prober 6 Inches (£6.99)

A deliciously soft jelly dildoe that has a tapered and very flexible body – making it one of the easiest and most unintimidating of anal dildoes for beginners.

The dildoe is translucent and stunning to look at.

Highly rated by customers, this toy is ideal for both those new to anal toys and more experienced users who want something gentle and massaging.

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Elodie Ceramic Dildoe

ElodieElodie Ceramic Dildoe (£34)

Beautiful ceramic dildoe that is both a highly erotic and effective sex toy and a beautiful work of art.

Just like glass dildoes, ceramic dildoes are very easy to heat up or cool down as you wish.

The ceramic material also gives a unique highly smooth feel, as well as making the dildoe exceptionally easy to clean.


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Tentacle Glass Dildoe

icicles no 24Tentacle Glass Dildoe (£39.99)

This has to be one of the most beautiful dildoes in the world.  Shaped in the manner of  a tentacle, and made from stunning pink coloured glass.

The Tentacle glass dildoe has dual rows of bumps running along one of its sides, and vein like ridges on its underside.

The two rows of bumps create a delicious sensation that is deeply erotic both internally and externally.

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Doc Johnson 12 Inch Realistic Dildoe

12 inch dildoeDoc Johnson 12 Inch Dildoe (£34.99)

A quite unusual realistic dildoe from Doc Johnson – it’s not often you get a realistic penis like this that is long (12 inches) and yet fairly thin.  If you’re looking for a realistic dildoe that will go in deep and yet is thin enough to be comfortable then this is going to be your favourite sex toy!  The texture and look of the penis is ultra-realistic, and the shaft is pleasingly firm and yet flexible at the same time.

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Spiral Glass Dildoe

Glass VibrationsSpiral Glass Dildoe (£49)

Gently curved and undulating beautiful spiral glass dildoe from Glassvibrations.  Bulbed at each end with a different but equally stunning and erotic design.  Glass dildoes can be quickly heated up or cooled down in the fridget to suit your taste.

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Purr Tantus Silicone Vibrating Dildoe

PurrPurr by Tantus (£34.95)

Measuring almost 7 inches in length, the Purr is a ribbed vibrating dildoe from the premium sex toy manufacturer Tantus Inc.

Made from ultra-premium silicone, the Purr feels like a luxury sex toy but costs a highly affordable £34.  The 100% pure silicone also makes it hygenic, hyperallergenic, and easy to clean.

The Purr delivers unbelievable power with each thrust.  One of the most talked about and rated dildoe vibrators of recent times!

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Ei Silicone G-Spot Dildoe

Ei Silicone G-Spot DildoEi Silicone G-Spot Dildo – £12.99

This must be the most bizzarre shaped dildoe I’ve ever seen but has certainly won some rave reviews from satisfied customers already.  Soft and bendy, with gentle ridges running along the top of the dildoe that have been compared to ‘melted ice cream’.  A cheap and unique dildoe that will sure have you melting in the right places.

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Jelly Cock Dildo

Jelly Cock DildoeToy Joy Extra Thick Jelly Dildoe – £22.99

An affordable realistic giant dildoe from Toy Joy.

Made from rubber jelly, this dildo is firm yet very flexible.  It’s even waterproof!

Jelly dildoes are very pleasent to handle and easy to slide in.

Almost perfect 5 star reviews at LoveHoney.

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